What is fingerprinting?

Fingerprinting is required in order to obtain an authorized copy of your criminal record. It is the process of making a printout of a person’s fingerprints and using it for identification purposes. At PardonQuebec.ca, we use the help of an accredited partner for the purpose of offering you this service. The other option offered is to allow your local police to take your fingerprints and then send them to our accredited partner where they will be electronically scanned and sent to the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) in Ottawa for faster results.

Your Trusted Fingerprinting Professionals

Whenever you need a criminal background check for a business, job, or any other reason in Canada, we’ve got you covered. Upon receipt of any fingerprinting request, we forward it to our accredited partner with whom the entire fingerprinting procedure is completed.

Fingerprint Pricing Information

Fingerprinting plays a crucial role in criminal record checks for vulnerable sector employment as well as criminal record checks with the RCMP’s Civil Fingerprinting Division, more commonly known as Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTS). After you submit your fingerprints, a verification may take place in relation to the information available at CPIC.

The CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) holds all criminal records and other significant details relating to Canada. In fact, as the only law enforcement agency in Canada, CPIC allows public servants across the country to obtain the same piece of information. If you do not have any personal information registered with CPIC, this would imply that at the national level there would be no record of criminal activity in your name. However, this does not exclude the possibility of having an official document from the court, local police stations, etc.

Why is fingerprinting mandatory?

Fingerprint printing is required for several reasons and our professionals can assist you in determining the best options. Reasons why fingerprinting is required include:

  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Adoption (Canadian or International)
  • Employment (e.g., federal, provincial, police, private industry and others)
  • Name change
  • National Sex Offender Registry
  • Privacy Act Request
  • Forgiveness App
  • Volunteer employment
  • Other (specify reason)

Obtaining your criminal record through fingerprinting

Fingerprinting services are normally engaged to retrieve your criminal record from the RCMP. You can find the important details recorded at CPIC. It is only by sending your fingerprints for certification by the RCMP that you can obtain the information for non-criminal purposes. Fingerprints are taken in two ways: with the standard ink and paper method or with the electronic procedure. However, it is important to note that fingerprinting with ink and paper is not accepted by CCRTS unless electronic fingerprinting of the applicant is not possible for any reason.

Identification required during fingerprinting

When fingerprinting, it is essential to bring at least two valid pieces of government-issued identification, at least one of which must have a photo ID. The variety of acceptable documents is:

  • Birth certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Nexus Card
  • Military Family Identity Card (MFID)
  • Immigration documents (work or study permits)
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Certificate of Native American Status

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Qu’est-ce que la prise d’empreintes digitales?

Fingerprinting is the process of creating a printout of a person’s fingerprints for the purpose of using them for identification.

Pourquoi la prise d’empreintes digitales est-elle obligatoire?

Fingerprinting is required for a variety of reasons such as citizenship, employment, adoption, pardon applications, national registries, etc.

Comment obtenir votre dossier criminel à travers la prise d’empreintes digitales?

Fingerprinting services allow you to obtain your criminal record from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), by submitting your fingerprints for certification.

 Quelles sont les pièces d’identité requises pendant la prise d’empreintes digitales?

You must present at least two pieces of valid government-issued identification, at least one of which must be photo-issued. Acceptable documents include passport, driver’s license, etc.

Qui offre des services de prise d’empreintes digitales et comment prendre rendez-vous?

We offer fingerprinting services in partnership with accredited organizations. You can make an appointment by contacting us to benefit from this service.