U.S. Entry Ban Waived – An Overview

An individual may be denied permission to enter a country. A criminal history may play a significant role in this refusal. Convictions such as drunk driving, fraud, theft, etc. on file may prevent you from entering the United States.

A waiver of the entry ban for the U.S. can help you with this. It is an official document issued by the U.S. government. This grants you permission to enter the U.S. despite having a criminal history on your record. This document informs border officers that you have a conviction on your record but that you have been screened by the Department of Homeland Security and have been granted access to the United States.

The U.S. Entry Ban Lifting Process

The application for the Entry Ban Waiver process is done with U.S. Customs and Border Protection prior to your planned U.S. travel dates. The application will be reviewed by Homeland Security to validate that you do not pose a risk to American society. They then determine the validity of the lifting of the entry ban. The lifting of the U.S. entry ban does not last indefinitely. It is valid for between 1 and 4 years and you must renew it after it expires.

Once your ban is lifted, you will be able to enter the U.S. like any other citizen.

Our U.S. Entry Ban Lifting Services

At PardonQuebec.ca, we have helped many clients enter the U.S. stress-free. With our wealth of experience and expertise, our professionals can do the same for you.

Remember, traveling to the United States is becoming more and more complicated these days. It is important to seek the help of reliable professionals who can assist you until your U.S. entry ban is lifted.

We offer the following services:

  • A detailed case study with follow-ups
  • Popular Appointment for Fingerprint Prized
  • Preparation of required documents
  • Guideline: Personal Statement Required
  • Post
  • Military Conduct Sheet, if applicable
  • Coverage for up to two convictions with the lifting of the entry ban
  • Rest assured of your peace of mind throughout the process

And the best part? You can enjoy all of this at a competitive price. Check out our pricing page or contact our agents to learn more about our price range. We offer several packages to suit your budget and convenience.

Eligibility for a lifting of the entry ban

Canadians with criminal records must apply for waivers of entry bans to be eligible to enter the United States. Since this process can be difficult for many to understand, we take care of you through the entire process to offer you help and advice. To discuss your difficulties with the process, you can always speak with any of our experts. Although there are no specific eligibility criteria for the application for lifting the US entry ban, the following factors play a crucial role:

  • The Severity of the Crime
  • The number of charges on your file
  • The time since the offence
  • The value of lifestyle changes since

In addition, your application will significantly influence the validity of your U.S. entry ban lift. A good application will ensure a lower frequency of renewal, saving you costs and worries.

How will I know if my application to lift my entry ban will be accepted?

The rules for lifting the ban on entry into the U.S. are much more lenient than the strict rules governing eligibility for Canadian pardons. We have successfully assisted several Canadian citizens in obtaining a lifting of their entry bans despite their criminal records. However, if you have charges that are pending or if you are currently serving your sentence, your eligibility for an application is nil. So, to paint a clear picture, we need to understand the criteria you will need to meet to ensure your application is accepted. Even if the charges against you are fairly recent, the chances of being granted a lifting of your entry ban are high. However, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security can be restrictive when it comes to allowing waivers to Canadians who have serious charges against them. Their concerns are based on the following grounds:

  • The chances that the applicant will engage in illegal activities and break a U.S. law
  • The applicant’s chances of committing an offence while in the U.S.

So, even though there are some factors that may negatively affect your eligibility to get an entry ban lifted, we will always give you our best advice and try to get you permission from the relevant authorities

What should I do now?

To become eligible for an application, you must acknowledge your mistakes rather than hiding them from the U.S. government. In this way, a person will have the chance to prove his or her evolution in front of the US authorities. Apart from acknowledging your past mistakes, you need to explain to them how you have evolved as a person as well as what good deeds you have done since then. We suggest that you do not over-justify yourself or romanticize your criminal past in any way. Thanks to this neutral and transparent attitude, you will appear as a changed person, thus proving in the eyes of the authorities that you are no longer a risk in any way.

Why do you need to prove that you are a responsible Canadian citizen?

In front of the authorities, you must show, for several reasons, that you are a responsible person and a dedicated Canadian citizen. When you say that you live an honest and responsible life in Canada, it shows that you are not involved in any illegal activity. It also confirms that you are not seeking asylum in the U.S. after committing offenses in Canada. That way, you won’t be seen as a threat to Americans. Remember, if you are a responsible citizen, you will not pose a threat as an immigrant.

The Specialty of our Entry Ban Lifting Service

Preparing an application for the lifting of an entry ban is an arduous and time-consuming process. There is no specific time limit by which a person can have his entry ban lifted. Sometimes, it can take up to 12 months to complete the entire process. That said, with us, your worries can be dispelled as you are supported by high-caliber professionals. Indeed, thanks to our professional services of obtaining the lifting of a ban on entry, we can provide you with peace of mind by speeding up the application process.

Note: earlier in the page, you mention it’s 1 to 4 years, i’m not sure which is the good duration. However, if you have prepared an application correctly, you have a greater chance of obtaining a lifting of the ban for a period of 5 years. By using our professional services, you can save time and money, in addition to getting your U.S. entry ban lifted as soon as possible.

Procession Time of a Lifting of Entry Ban

It should be noted that the average processing time for an application to lift an entry ban cannot be guaranteed. If there is a company that insure otherwise, that company cannot be considered honest and should therefore be avoided.

In most cases, the government authorities involved in the process of collecting the required documentation decide on the time frame required. Timelines also depend on the desire of the providers requesting the lifting of the ban to work in a way that achieves quick and efficient results.

What can you expect from us?

We are renowned for being a well-organized company and by approaching us, you will be able to get a proper estimate of the time needed for your queries based on our past experiences. You can find the approximate timelines for applying for a U.S. entry ban waiver below. That said, if you need the most up-to-date estimate, don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss.

For several years now, the approximate time required to complete the entire process of lifting the U.S. entry ban has remained stable. It takes about 8 to 12 months. In the event that the applicant does not have a criminal record or has a pardon, he or she can have the prohibition lifted a few months earlier.

Service Fee for a Lifting of Entry Ban

Please note that the cost of a U.S. entry waiver is determined after taking into account the processing fee charged by:

  • The Courts
  • Local police stations
  • RCMP
  • Department of Homeland Security

Other costs include our service fees and any expenses incurred in completing the paperwork. The cost of lifting a U.S. ban on PardonQuebec.ca is the lowest in the industry. Another great reason to work with us! By contacting us, we will prepare your application to lift your ban on entry into the United States on your behalf and provide you with peace of mind. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on our transparent work ethic and will explain the total cost of your application so you don’t have to pay any hidden fees.

Take the first step today!

A U.S. entry ban is literally a piece of paper that allows you to start a new life healthy and without having to stress about your past. And you should never let this opportunity slip through your fingers! So, apart from the points discussed above, you will also need to provide other details during your application. If approved, your lifting of the ban will remain valid for 1 to 5 years, after which you will need to apply again. Contact us today if you’re ready to enjoy your life again! We will be happy to help you.



Qu’est-ce qu’une levée d’interdiction d’entrée américaine?

A U.S. entry ban waiver is an official document issued by the U.S. government that allows an individual to enter despite a criminal history.

 Comment fonctionne le processus de levée d’interdiction d’entrée aux États-Unis?

The process involves a request to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, followed by an assessment by Homeland Security to determine whether the individual poses a risk to U.S. society.

 Qui est éligible pour une levée d’interdiction d’entrée aux États-Unis?

Canadians with a criminal record may be eligible, but different factors such as the severity of the crime, the number of charges, and the time since the offence is taken into account.

 Comment savoir si ma demande de levée d’interdiction d’entrée sera acceptée?

Acceptance depends on a variety of factors, including the nature of the charges, the waiting period since the offence, and the safety concerns of U.S. authorities.

Quel est le délai moyen pour obtenir une levée d’interdiction d’entrée américaine?

The timeline varies, but on average, the process can take anywhere from 8 to 12 months, although it may be shorter for some applicants without a criminal record.