Canadian Pardon Application

At Pardon Quebec, we understand that life can bring people to stages where the only way forward is to make an unfavorable decision. Needless to say, this decision can be detrimental to the individual and he or she might end up regretting it for life. Canadian forgiveness is an opportunity for these people to restart their lives.

Through this process, all information about a person’s previous convictions can be erased from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. It recognizes that the person has been duly punished for his crime and has been subjected to a sufficient period of time to prove that he is a law-abiding citizen. The Canadian pardon is for those who have convictions such as drunk driving, fraud, possession or theft on their record.

The Canadian Pardon Application Services We Provide

At, we strive to give every individual the life they deserve regardless of the crimes they have committed in the past. Over the years, we have removed convictions from our clients’ files thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in the field. We are following two essential methods to free Canadians from their previous convictions.

Pardons Canada

With this service, we offer

  • Removal of up to two convictions from the record
  • Two searches in the court archives
  • Booking an appointment for fingerprints
  • Case research and regular follow-up
  • Preparation of document submission
  • Publishing and sending documents
  • Check with the local police who are working on your case
  • RCMP File Check and Destruction
  • If necessary, processing of the Military Conduct Sheet


While on the one hand, we offer the Canadian pardon service to prevent the past conviction from being visible, with “Expungement” we permanently destroy it from the record. In, we offer both Canadian pardon and expungement, and one cannot be pursued without the other. That said, the services you receive as part of the expungement are:

  • Two Police Records Searches
  • Regular follow-ups and research on the case
  • Preparation and submission of all required documents
  • Mailing of documents
  • Check with local police
  • RCMP Criminal Record Check and Destruction of Records
  • Review of the file with a lawyer, if necessary

Eligibility Criteria for Canadian Pardon

At, we focus on helping those who have duly complied with all the repercussions of the conviction and have maintained the eligibility criteria. These criteria are influenced by factors such as:

  • The seriousness of the charges
  • The time at which the charge(s) occurred
  • The exact location of the charge(s)

Here are some details you need to consider before applying for a Canadian pardon:

  • Five months if charges are withdrawn, quashed or acquitted
  • One year if an absolute discharge is
  • Three years for a conditional discharge
  • Five years on summary conviction
  • Ten years in the case of an indictable offence conviction

Get the life you deserve with Canadian Pardon

At, we believe that no bad decision made in your life should stop you from living the life you deserve and aspire to. We help you get your life on track by preparing all your paperwork, ensuring that your conviction records are unblemished, so that nothing can stop you from living your life without legal encumbers.

With a Canadian pardon, you could get a new job, volunteer at any organization, become a Canadian citizen, and even get custody of your children. If you are looking for an agency to be by your side during this whole process, will be there for you. Our highly trained and experienced forgiveness specialists will give you advice based on your best interest so that you can live with dignity.

Your Second Chance – Pardon Eligibility Criteria

At, we believe that everyone should have a second chance at life. As a result, we offer Canadian pardon services to accused persons as well. The eligibility criteria for a Canadian pardon is met once all sentences have been completed by the person, and when the person has also met the requirements for the period of good behaviour.

The penalties we mention here can be diverse and may include, but are not limited to, a significant prison sentence, probation or even a fine. Other common types of sentences include house arrest and community service for a period of time specified by law and order. Otherwise, good conduct indicates whether the accused has stayed out of trouble with the law or not.

Wait times for pardon eligibility

At the end of the sentence and before you are eligible for a pardon, you must wait:

  • Five years for summary offences
  • Ten years in the case of indictable offences

In the event that you have been confronted with court appearances that have never resulted in convictions, the waiting period before the destruction of a file is:

  • One year, in case of absolute discharge
  • Three years, in the event of a conditional discharge

Those who have been found not guilty of the crime have their records destroyed within one year. Given the length of time it takes to get a pardon in Canada, you might as well want to start the application and file an application to have your criminal record destroyed about a year in advance. This ensures that your criminal record is sealed as soon as possible and that you are eligible to receive a pardon in Canada.

The History of Pardon Eligibility in Canada

The government’s hard line, since Bill C-10 on crime legislation, has resulted in a five- and ten-year increase in the waiting period before someone is eligible for a pardon. Prior to the passage of this bill, summary offences and indictable offences had waiting periods of three and five years, respectively.

That said, long before Bill C-10 was introduced, the House of Commons had also passed Bill C-23A, which retained all previous eligibility waiting periods for three- and five-year offences. However, in the case of convictions related to serious bodily harm or a sexual offence, the waiting period is set at ten years before the accused can be pardoned.

At the, we ensure that all applicants who come out of this waiting period and are eligible for a Canadian pardon have a clean criminal record that allows them to start their lives anew.

Pardons – Processing Time

Before processing a pardon application, please keep in mind that the time it takes to obtain a pardon can in no way be guaranteed. The time frame for obtaining a pardon is usually determined by the government agencies involved in obtaining the required documentation. It also depends on the organization, experience, and skills of your pardon provider.

Determining factors

A deeper understanding of the procedure will help you realize the difficulty of predicting a set deadline. The entire process of receiving a pardon involves several government departments and civil servants. In particular, we have to wait for the answers of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), those of the Court’s conviction file, as well as the results of a local police check. These facilities and their schedules must be considered before your pardon application is ready to be submitted to the Parole Board of Canada.

Estimated timeline

Despite the uncertainty of predicting the length of the government’s processing period, a reliable and recognized pardon agency such as should be able to provide you with a reasonable amount of time based on its past experience.

In general, the average time it takes to apply for a pardon in Canada is about 12 months. However, in the course of our work, we have found that some files are also processed within 4 months. We take care of all our clients and their unique cases and seek, through our efficient administrative procedure, to close their past files as quickly as possible.

However, keep in mind that these deadlines are subject to change depending on the political situation at the time and the individuality of your case. Nevertheless, at, we take every initiative to keep you informed of the progress of the work.

If you’re looking for the current average lead time, we recommend giving us a call.

Forgiveness – Service Fees

All of our clients are unique and, as such, are our fees. Rather than offering a generic service, we tailor our services to meet your needs. That’s why our personalized service is offered at the best rates: no case should be charged for the same amount.

Take a look at what you pay for:

  • Phone & Email Support
  • Includes disbursements (fees charged to third parties), local police control costs and court costs
  • Monthly payment plans if needed
  • Fingerprinting at your home (home, workplace, or other chosen location) by a licensed fingerprint technician
  • Signing of documents and consultation
  • Senior Management Processing Fees

Note: * Fees do not include the cost of submitting documents to the Parole Board of Canada.

**The package will vary depending on your needs.

Our Promise

With efficiency, know-how and experience, we pride ourselves on providing a reliable forgiveness service to our customers at the best possible rate. If you want your application approved by the Parole Board of Canada, you can ask for our help.

To learn more about our custom pricing for your case, contact our professionals today.



Qu’est-ce que le pardon canadien et qui peut en bénéficier ?

A Canadian pardon expunges a person’s criminal record from the Canadian Police Information Centre database. It is for those who have convictions such as drunk driving, fraud, possession, or theft on their record.

Quels services sont proposés par pour obtenir un pardon canadien ? offers two main services: Pardons Canada and Expungement. Pardons Canada include removing up to two convictions from the record, searching court records, scheduling fingerprint appointments, and more.

Quels sont les critères d’éligibilité pour obtenir un pardon canadien ?

Eligibility criteria include the seriousness of the charges, the time and place of the charges, and the length of time since conviction, which ranges from five months to ten years depending on the type of conviction.

Combien de temps faut-il pour obtenir un pardon canadien ?

The average time to obtain a Canadian pardon is about 12 months, but this can vary depending on a variety of factors such as the political situation and the individuality of the case.

Quels sont les frais associés aux services de pardon de ?

The fee depends on the specific needs of the client and includes phone and email support, disbursements, local police check fees, etc. A customized package is offered based on individual needs.