Canadian Pardon

Apply for a Canadian pardon if you have been accused of, among other things, fraud, theft, possession of an illicit substance or driving while intoxicated. This document acknowledges and authenticates that you are now a law-abiding citizen and will not bring harm to society.

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Record suspension

A record suspension will remove your criminal record from the CPIC (Canadian Police Information Center) database. This will help you access education and employment opportunities and become an integral part of society again.

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Lifting of entry ban (Exemption) for the United States

Issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, a waiver of entry ban, otherwise known as an “entry waiver,” for the United States will allow you to legally travel to the United States. With this document you can cross the American border despite a previous criminal record.

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At, our experts ensure they provide a service marked by compassion and attention to detail. We strive to be understanding and reassuring in our dealings with our customers. Our professionals provide high-quality U.S. entry ban lifting and Canadian pardon services. In addition, we adapt our solution according to YOUR situation. Finally, our price range is very competitive compared to the industry average.

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Our services for requesting pardons and lifting the US entry ban

Make good use of your freedom

A conviction does not mean the end of your career and your dreams. This does not mean, either, that you will be deprived of obtaining a Canadian passport, finding a new job, traveling to another country, starting a business or that you will have to fight against institutional obstacles all your life.

At Canada’s National Pardon Services, our experts can help you expunge convictions from your record and allow you to enjoy freedom in the truest sense of the word. Our range of services, including Canadian pardon, lifting of entry ban into the United States and others, can allow you to start a new life without worrying about your past.

Give yourself another chance at life without having to wait for legislation to be passed “one day”. Call our experts if you are struggling with a conviction that is causing issues on topics such as:

  • Care of your children
  • Become a Canadian citizen
  • Entry into the United States
  • Be a volunteer
  • To get a job

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For any assistance related to applying for a pardon in Canada, contact us as soon as possible. You can apply online, call our advisors or visit our center without an appointment. We will be happy to help.


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